Passport to Perfume

Passport to Perfume

Passport to Perfume is a mix of time-management with hidden-object game
PlayFirst, Inc.

Passport to Perfume is a mix of time-management game with hidden-object game in which you need to help Sophie sell perfumes. When guests come to the shop and decide what to buy, what you have to do is grab the right bottle of ready made perfume or add the right perfume by yourselves. There are 5 different customers and they all have different patience levels. The faster you serve the customers, the more money they'll leave. To get to the next level, you must reach the normal goal, but you can also reach the expert goal, which will provide more money. Once you finish a level, Sophie can purchase ingredients, upgrades and bottles for the shop with the money obtained. What is more, from time to time Sophie also travels to different places to buy things for the shop. Throughout the game, you will visit different countries playing hidden-object games. You will be given a list of things to find in the scene. If you have trouble finding an object, you can always use the hints, which will reveal its location.
In addition to this, the game includes another mode called Endless Search in which you can play all the hidden-object games you have already played in the Story mode.
Regarding the graphics, they are very colorful and attractive. Sound effects are average and the music is pleasant.
In short, Passport to Perfume is a wonderful game that provides a great combination of time-management with hidden-object games.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Good combination of time-management and hidden-object games
  • Fast-paced
  • Great variety of perfumes
  • Good shopping components
  • Lots of upgrades


  • Not really challenging
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